We are OFCCP Experts Helping Businesses and Organizations with HR Compliance, Affirmative Action Plans and OFCCP Audits

Our People

Our experts find the right people that fit your organizational needs to bring your business to the next level and have the knowledge to create a perfect affirmative action plan.

Our Process

Our staffing services allow great talent to operate at their best and exceed their objectives for our clients and our thorough handling of an OFCCP audit ensures your business stays protected.

Our Performance

Our knowledgeable team builds the organized structure you and your business need to achieve the breakthrough results in your top and bottom line goals.

Lincoln Tyler:

The Expertise You Need

Founded in 2007 and based in greater Cleveland, Lincoln Tyler has helped businesses nationwide grow by not only finding excellent candidates and creating processes that bring structure and results but with a knowledgeable team to help businesses with affirmative action plans and by handling things in case of an OFCCP audit. Our leadership, which collectively has years of corporate experience, helps organizations of any size exceed their business objectives with focused entrepreneurial insights. We are committed to helping companies find the right PEOPLE to deliver the right PROCESS and deliver breakthrough PERFORMANCE.

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