If you are a federal contractor with 50 or more employees and at least one contract for $50,000 or more or a subcontractor of a business who is, you are required to prepare a written affirmative action plan for your business. These plans are to rectify and/or eliminate discrimination against people on the basis of race or gender–with the goal of hiring females and minorities for positions not typically held by either of them–and be updated annually at a minimum.

Preparing an affirmative action plan

Creating an affirmative action plan is an extremely complicated task that shouldn’t be taken lightly; the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs states that it could take up to 200 hours to prepare one. Studying several sample plans before beginning or working with someone who has knowledge developing affirmative action plans for businesses similar to yours could be beneficial. However, here are some steps to provide a brief outline for you to follow.

  • Conduct self-analysis by gathering demographic data, analyzing the diversity of your current staff and evaluating employment practices and any past programs
  • Set priorities by determining which problems are the most severe, examining your budget and evaluating possible solutions
  • Develop strategies by meeting with managers and supervisors, choosing effective policies, setting benchmarks and designating key employees
  • Take action by producing a final written report, submitting your plan for certification and evaluating progress on a regular basis

In addition, the OFCCP released sample affirmative action plans for illustrative purposes for businesses to get an understanding of what they should look like. Remembering, when preparing an affirmative action plan, you should tailor it to reflect your business’ structure, policies, practices, programs and data–adapt them to your respective industry.

Sample Affirmative Action Plans from the OFCCP:

If you need help

If you choose to outsource your affirmative action plan, Lincoln Tyler offers complete peace of mind through the entire process. Our customized plan preparation will make sure you have a fully compliant affirmative action plan, and we will be there to make sure your plan is implemented and maintained properly. We guarantee our plans will pass an OFCCP audit and will be there to support and defend you through every step of any audit you may face.

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