The dynamic nature of technology requirements in business today can quickly reveal gaps in the expertise of any project team. This can make it difficult to staff to changing demands without adding substantial fixed costs to your budget.

Staff augmentation enables you to tackle additional projects that require specific expertise for the lifecycle of a specific project, limiting the cost impact to your bottom line.

Having a business partner who understands your requirements and can sprint to find the personnel you need to fill the gap on a particular project is a big advantage.

We are able to deliver the right talent for your project and do it faster because we are the industry experts in sourcing project talent. We know what it means when you need to find subject matter experts quickly for a project and we’ll get the job done.

Here’s a short list of the type of skilled expertise we’ve placed on project teams for other customers:

  • WMS Implementation Specialists
  • Telecommunication Engineers
  • Networking Architects/Engineers/Administrators/Help Desk Specialists
  • Call Center Managers
  • Cloud Services Tech Professionals
  • Mobile Application Developers
  • .NET Developers
  • Java Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Functional Analysts

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